Marketing Analytics Services

What We Do

Kairoz Partners provides marketing analytics services to uncover the secrets hidden in your data assets, so that you can experience growth and higher return on your investments. Connect the breadcrumbs left behind by your customers to better serve their needs and grow your business using data analytics.

Marketing Health Assessment

Audit marketing systems to ensure they are setup to capture data for analytics.

To maximize value delivered from data assets, organizations need to capture all the required data from various marketing systems. We confirm data coverage by auditing Google Analytics implementations, search keywords and campaigns, CRM systems and reporting setup to ensure marketing success.

Data Management and Governance

Manage data quality and administration processes of marketing systems.

For a 360 degree view of the customer and closed-loop marketing, an organization needs to gather data from all channels used to reach customers and meaningfully connect and aggregate data. We help clients with strategies and best practices on data management addressing data quality, metadata identification and management, data administration and data governance.

Measurement & Reporting

Set marketing goals and track performance to guide changes to marketing plan.

In order to measure the success achieved, it is critical to develop a plan, set goals and track performance to the goals. We help clients create measurement plans, identify KPIs, set goals and report progress via reports and dashboards. We assist clients with data visualization to create strong stories using data to communicate with stakeholders.

Data Analysis

Deep Dive Analysis – Customer Analysis, Lead Analysis, Campaign Analysis, Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B Testing, Web Analytics, Digital Analytics

Data collected must be put to work to answer business questions and support and enable business and customer growth. We perform deep-dive analysis to help answer business questions and uncover insights for data-driven decision making.

Examples of areas we help clients analyze

  • Improve lead quality to grow customers
  • Lead sources converting to best quality customers
  • Where to spend the next marketing $$
  • Marketing campaigns delivering best quality customers
  • Landing page conversion rate and testing
  • Email strategies and contact strategies
  • Measure content marketing strategy

Channel Measurement

Social Analytics, Mobile Analytics, Email Analytics, Campaign Analytics

While closed-loop marketing helps connect the dots across channels, it is equally important to know how each channel is performing individually. We develop measurement and reporting for each channel independently using appropriate KPIs and metrics and compare performance to goals. We also provide data-driven segmentation and targeting approaches for marketing campaigns and contacts strategies.

Extended / Outsourced Support

Extended analytics team for clients and agencies

Analytics and data are the lifeblood of all organizations. We partner with agencies and clients to augment or extend their marketing teams to deliver analytics services.

Harness the power of data to grow your business and increase ROI. Don’t miss out!